CESSTrainingFinanceManagement of a social security system

Management of a social security system

Demographic changes and crisis in financial markets call for social security stakeholders and decision makers to have a better understanding of the social security reforms challenges. The objective of this training is to provide participants with the necessary tools to undertake needed social security reforms and put in place better governance structure for its management. At the end of this training, participants will learn key features associated with the management and governance of a social security system, understand the challenges of social security funding, and will be initiated to the evaluation tools and risk management techniques of a social security system.


Topics covered will be:

  • Definition and key characteristics of a typical social security system
  • Administration and organisation of social security systems
  • Regulatory environment
  • Governance, communication and ethical guidelines
  • Investment policies
  • Funding issues in social security
  • Financial equilibrium and solvency of a social security system
  • Managing risks in social security systems
  • Experiences and lessons learned from international reforms
  • Future challenges in social security reforms