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External review of data quality of MCA Mali


On November 13, 2006, the United States of America, acting through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC), and the Government of the Republic of Mali signed a Compact aimed at sustained poverty reduction and economic growth. The Mali Compact consists of the Airport Improvement project and the Alatona Irrigation project. Each project includes multiple activities that are managed and implemented according to project level work plans. During the implementation of the Compact, the Monitoring and Evaluation (M & E) is essential to measure progress at each stage of implementation of activities and identify the necessary adjustments to maximize the chances of achieving the program objectives. For that, the M & E is based on data that should be reliable and regularly updated, which requires a strict control of the data quality.In this context, two sources of data are used: survey data and administrative data. MCA-Mali wanted to ensure their statistical qualities




The overall objective of the study was to make an External Data Quality Review (DQR) to ensure data quality (process of collecting, processing and dissemination) received by the MCA-Mali.


The specific objectives were to:

  • provide technical assistance for the review of the quality and relevance of administrative data used to develop indicators of the S&E and studies and surveys financed by MCA-Mali;
  • provide technical support in producing the final table of monitoring indicators at the end of the Compact.
  • Develop proposals and recommendations on the measures of data quality, on improving data and on the change process to ensure production of data reliable and accessible


Services provided by CESS

  • Evaluation of each indicator of MCA Mali monitoring and evaluation plan;
  • Evaluation of surveys conducted (from the collection process to reporting);
  • Assessment of administrative data (data collection and dissemination)


Results achievied

  • A detailed assessment of indicators, studies and surveys;
  • Recommendations for corrective actions.